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VARC Provides Update for Local Area North Dakota K-12 Administrators

Area K-12 District Administrators listen as updated VARC information is presented


VARC presenters, Mikhail Pyatigorsky (seated) and Clarissa Steele respond to participant questions


Central and Northern Cass K-12 District Administrators review reports with Clarissa (VARC)


Fargo Public School District Administrators discuss data results


NDSU and VCSU co-hosted a Value-Added Research Center (VARC) data update meeting for area North Dakota K-12 administrators at the Homewood Suites in Fargo on Tuesday, October 23,  2012.  VARC representatives, Mikhail Pyatigorsky and Clarissa Steele presented a review of previous information provided and an update on changes in data collection and report improvements.  Participants were given the opportunity to view the new report format and to discuss with each other ways to better utilize report information in their decision making.  Mikhail and Clarissa spent time visiting with administrators in small groups to help them explore and interpret data results. 



Published on 2012/10/23

Valley Partnership Hosts First Annual New Teacher Academies

MSUM New Teacher Academy Participants 7-10-12


NDSU/VCSU New Teacher Academy Participants 8-10-12


The first annual New Teacher Academies, sponsored by the Valley Partnership (MSUM, NDSU and VCSU), were held on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 on the Minnesota State University (MSUM) campus and on Friday, August 10, 2012 on the North Dakota State University (NDSU) campus.  Thirty-two new teachers participated in the two academies (one NDSU participant had to leave before the photo was taken).  Faculty from the three institutions, together with partner school teachers and administators, provided the new graduates with information and preparation activities to get them started in their new classrooms.  Our FHI360 coach, Robin White, was able to attend the MSUM session on July 10 and provided helpful examples throughout the new teacher question and answer sessions.


Carol Beaton facilitates carousel activity


The day began with a carousel session on key activities every new teacher should consider when entering the classroom for the first time.  Carousel sessions were faciliated by Carol Beaton, Southeast Education Cooperative Beginning Teacher Network Coordinator.  Veteran teachers worked together with the new teachers to help them brainstorm strategies which were then documented and emailed to each participant for individual use in the fall. 


Participants posed good questions for the MSUM P-12 Administrator Panel


Larry Napoleon, Jr. moderated the NDSU/VCSU P-12 Administrator Panel


MSUM P-12 Veteran Teacher Panel


NDSU/VCSU Veteran Teacher Panel


Area P-12 administrators and veteran teachers participated in panel discussions moderated by Keri DeSutter (MSUM session) and Larry Napoleon, Jr. (NDSU) and Kathleen Bennett Zaun (VCSU) for the NDSU/VCSU session.  Panelists opened the question and answer sessions with "that one piece of advice" all new teachers should know going into their first classrooms.  "The panels were very helpful," remarked one new teacher.  "It was good to receive informative reflections from experienced teachers."


Dave Bass (VCSU) faciliated the scenario discussions at NDSU


Scenarios of typical concerns that might occur in the new teacher experience were shared in the afternoon sessions.  Participants discussed different scenarios with veteran teachers to learn about how these issues might be handled in the classroom and profession.  Additional feedback was provided in the large group follow-up along with administrator input during the panel discussions.  New teachers were eager to learn from the more experienced participants in attendance.


Participants felt the day was very worth their time and effort to attend, even in the middle of summer.  One new teacher said, “I loved it!  I drove two hours to come to this event and it was well worth my time.  The [veteran teacher and administrator] panels eased my stress and answered questions.  It was nice to have the time to talk to [them].” The teacher and administrator panels were by far the most popular events of the academies. Each one-hour session was busy with questions from participants and excellent advice from the panels. Throughout the day, it was obvious the new teachers were taking the opportunity to meet each other and gather ideas to help them prepare for their first days of school and beyond. They were also excited about the book they were given, Why Didn’t I Learn This in College? by Paula Rutherford.


The MSUM academy was coordinated and facilitated by the MSUM Bush Initiative team, including Lynn Mahlum, Keri DeSutter, Lisa Staiger, Dave Tack, and Peggy Rittenhouse.  The NDSU/VCSU academy was coordinated and facilitated by the NDSU/VCSU Bush Initiative Team, including Bill Martin and Larry Napoleon, Jr. (NDSU) and Dave Bass and Kathleen Bennett Zaun (VCSU).  Carol Carol Beaton, P-12 partner member from the Southeast Educational Cooperative (SEEC) in North Dakota and coordinator of the SEEC Beginning Teacher Network, was key to the success of the day with her invaluable leadership of several activities.


Plans are being made to offer this series of new teacher support sessions for graduate credit to allow new teachers to continue their professional growth and development into their next licensure and possibly a master’s degree program.


Published on 2012/07/17

Teacher Candidates Celebrate Graduation Spring 2012

MSUM Candidates wear education colors during entrance to graduation ceremonies


NDSU Teacher Candidates gather for final celebration before graduation.


VCSU Education classmates pose together one more time following graduation ceremony.


Valley Partnership institutions hosted May 2012 graduation ceremonies for students successfully completing course requirements including more than 280 teacher candidates across three campuses: Minnesota State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University and Valley City State University.   New teachers will now participate in mentoring programs online and in person at their various schools of employment around the country and across the globe. 


For more information on how Valley Partnership teacher education graduates are making a difference around the world, read their stories in our candidate and teacher profiles at:

Teacher Profiles


Published on 2012/06/22

Job Opportunities

Teachers Needed!


The West Fargo Public School District will be hiring positions for their increased numbers at Liberty Middle School for grades 7 and 8.  New teachers will be expected to be an inter-disciplinary team and collaborate together daily during their planning period.  They will have an additional individual prep period.  Openings are as follows:


Math:  two grade 7 and two grade 8 sections with approximately 50 students

Language Arts: two grade 7 and two grade 8 sections with approximately 50 students

Social Studies: two grade 7 and two grade 8 sections with approximately 50 students

Science: two grade 7 and two grade 8 sections with approximately 50 students


Applicants should contract Michelle Weber at Liberty Middle School: (701)356-2671 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

Published on 2013/09/12

Teacher Candidates Celebrate Completion of Student Teaching

NDSU Teacher Candidate Joe Oderman receives a certificate of completion from Dr. Stacy Duffield with Dr. Kim Overton presiding.


Valley Partnership teacher preparation programs hosted campus events to celebrate the completion of student teaching experiences for current Teacher Candidates.  The events varied at each institution but candidates were all recognized for their hard work and dedication.


Published on 2012/05/21

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