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The Making of a Video . . .

Production began on the second Valley Partnership video in early spring 2013 and involved several months of planning, writing and selecting a suitable site and participants.  Filming was completed in early July.  Everyone had a lot of fun practicing lines, doing multiple "takes" and learning about camera angles. "Choose Teaching" is directed toward the middle and high school teaching experience and compliments the elementary focus of the first video produced in 2012 entitled, "What is a teacher?"


Anthony Bottini, Tonywood Productions, oversaw the production process.


Filming a video requires multiple cameras and many angles


Student participants stayed on task despite the many disruptions to their classroom routine.


"Mr. Rudy" dutifully rehearsed his lines between "takes."


The classroom teacher moved through the experience with calm and great ease keeping everyone focused on their assigned tasks.


After a long day of filming, everyone agreed it was a successful "wrap!"

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