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If you are a NExT Initiative Graduate . . . Please read the following important information and follow to your institution's link below--thank you!


What is NExT?

NExT stands for the Network for Excellence in Teaching and is a Bush Foundation sponsored initiative.  See the website at: http://www.nextprogram.org


In 2009, Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM), North Dakota State University (NDSU) and Valley City State University in Valley City, North Dakota were awarded a $6 million grant to collaborate for the purpose of improving our teacher preparation programs.  The grant focuses on five pillars:

1)  Recruit the best and brightest candidates into teacher education

2)  Prepare effective teachers

3)  Place graduates in supportive environments

4)  Support graduates for their first four years in the profession

5)  Measure effectiveness of the initiative


What does NExT mean for you?

NExT means that your graduating institution is interested in your success!   Please contact us if you need support during your first years of teaching.  We can offer resources and help you identify high quality professional development. 


What do you need to do?

You need to stay in contact with your graduating institution so that we can let you know what services are available.  You need to agree to be a part of this initiative.  (Your signature on an agreement is required.)  You need to stay updated at this website.


Will this help you when you apply for a job?

It could.  You should indicate on your resume that you are a NExT initiative graduate.  We have partnered with several school districts in this region.  Eleven other colleges and universities in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota are also participating in this initiative with partner school districts in their areas.  The NExT initiative and logo will be recognized by many school in these states.








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